Sunday, October 3, 2010

OSU Flash Mob Goes All Bollywood

This is cute, from the front of the MU last Friday, via KGW News.
In all, more than 70 Oregon State University students and staff -- co-conspirators in the surprise event, which had been months in the making -- shed jackets and sweatshirts to reveal bright orange T-shirts and join in the synchronized dance moves.

Since I can't not talk about rocks, there are some nice mafic xenoliths in the granite making up those steps and the piers on either side of them.  There are actually quite a number of cool rocks in and around the MU.


Maitri said...

Geo Bolly bonanza!

Love it when things I love come together.

Desi Dolly said...

Thanks for posting! I worked really hard on this! - Neha