Thursday, August 19, 2010

Field Notes From An Idiot

I've seen this around in various places recently... typical wingnutty wasting of time and resources to make a meaningless statement, from someone who has no idea of the implications of the ideology he thinks he's rooting for. Yawn. An everyday occurrence in this dying country.
But the post that made me sit up and take note was at TYWKIWDBI yesterday, where it was pointed out that "he used Interstates, GPS and the internet which were all government funded projects..."

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Darius Whiteplume said...

People don't realize what a tosser Ayn Rand was. She had an axe to grind against the Bolsheviks, and in typical conservative fashion just tried to reverse everything they stood for (well, what they stood for _on paper_).

I read Anthem to see what the big deal was, and frankly did not get it. If I find a laptop, and figure out how to turn it on, I'm not some great mind. That's all the guy did. He found old tech and used it...

Sorry. There are lots of Rand-tards in my neck of the woods. I get a little mouthy about it. :-)