Monday, June 21, 2010

Dang, This Has Been a Long Day

Corvallis sunrise this morning: 5:28
sunset this evening: 9:02

As it happens I woke up to go to the bathroom right about sunrise- though I admit I did go back to sleep for a few hours. I commented to the barrista a minute ago, "Darn, this seems like it's been a long day. Maybe tomorrow will feel a bit shorter." It took her a moment. However according to the site where I got those times, rounding to the nearest minute, tomorrow won't feel any shorter at all. Even better, if you take dawn to dusk as your yardstick, rather than sunrise to sunset, the daylight duration is more than an hour longer, 16:48 rather than 15:34.

Today also happened to be the first sunny, warm and mostly clear day we've had in a long time. The forecast for the rest of the week say warmer and more of the same.

Looks like summer is here.

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