Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A friend of mine and I talked about our favorite euphemisms for puking at one point on a long drive, nearly 20 years ago. And the winners were:
Runner Up: Buick
3: Technicolor yawn
2: Driving the porcelain bus
1: Speaking in chunks
Which all describe how I feel looking at this vomiting forth.

Via CNN, along with an article on yet another "Well gee, we never really thought about how to stop a blowout at this unprecedented depth. You expect us us to think of everything" "solution." And of course the backup backup plan. And the backup backup backup plan.

Hey, I have an idea... let's everyone chip in our used chewing gum and send it to Louisiana... and once there's a big enough wad accumulated, we can shoot that down the hole. Seriously, I hope someone has thought to test golf balls and shredded tires in crude; many synthetic materials are soluble in oil.


Bob said...

many synthetic materials are soluble in oil

Found that out once upon a time when I left the oil cap off the fill "spout" on my '76 Kampmobile (with the pancake engine). I had a roll of duct tape (of course I did, I drove a VW) and taped over the hole so all the oil wouldn't blow out before I could get to an auto parts store.

Luckily, the adhesive broke down completely and didn't gum up anything.

Lockwood said...

Some friends of mine and I had a similar experience with a leaky fuel line and electrical tape- I think in that case the pressure in the line kept the resultant goo from gumming things up.

Jennifer said...

In Spanish, "calling Hugo" is a euphemism for puking ... the "H" is silent, you see.

Lockwood said...

So teh google tells me that would be ""El que llama Hugo." Is that right? The Spanish double-l, being pronounced as "y," makes that an even better onomatopoeia