Thursday, May 13, 2010

Immanual Kant

Which philosopher are you?
Your Result: Sartre/Camus (late existentialists)

The world is absurd. No facts govern it. We live well once we truly accept the world's absurdity. YOU give our life's meaning, and YOU control your world.
(see Nietzsche for very closely tied beliefs)
--This quiz was made by S. A-Lerer.

W.v.O. Quine / Late Wittgenstein
Plato (strict rationalists)
Early Wittgenstein / Positivists
Immanuel Kant
Which philosopher are you?
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[CAPCHA= "apyromi" .... sounds geological (vulcanological?) to me, as in "He was apyromi, and cared not about the fires of the volcano"]