Monday, April 12, 2010

On The Other Hand...

...look what comes out when Milla opens her mouth:

Though Dazed and Confused came out the previous year, my first introduction to Milla Jovovich was the above video on MTV. I don't remember the name of the late Sunday night alternative video show, but I would queue up the VHS and hit record as soon as a video started. If I liked the song, I'd keep it; if not, I'd back up and wait for the next one. As a result, not only was I introduced to a great deal of music I otherwise wouldn't have heard, I got to listen to it repeatedly. Sometimes, as in the case of this one, I so liked a single song, I would buy the album on the strength of that alone. The Divine Comedy was the work that brought the divine Miss M to my attention. And frankly, though I did enjoy Dazed and Confused when finally I rented it, and definitely consider the Fifth Element as one of my favorite sci-fi movies, I'm sorry that she hasn't done further albums.

If you need further evidence of her talent, here's her cover of a traditional Ukrainian folk song, also on The Divine Comedy. Aside from this exception, all the other songs on the album were written by Milla by the time she was 15. Like another of my favorite female singers, Kate Bush, she was phenomenally good at a stunningly young age.


Metz said...

Are you perhaps thinking of 120 Minutes? Loved that show. It opened my eyes to a whole new world outside of my small Michigan hometown.

Lockwood said...

I think that might be it! Though I seem to be remembering that there were at least a couple of differently named shows in about the same time slot with roughly the same theme- not mainstream pop/rock/rap/hiphop, et cetera.