Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iceland Makes an Ash of Itself

Via Engrish Funny:Apparently, some Sottish fellow, stranded in an airport bar, is taking exception to this volcanic exposure. (Via BuzzFeed:)

On a more serious note,'s The Big Picture has a photogallery of the volcano's eruption. Note the dates in the captions, though: the eruption that is causing today's problems occurred yesterday, April 14. Photos from earlier eruptive phases are included in this collection.And Mary at Geographile found an awesome clip of raw footage. All of the current photos I've seen so far are heavily cloud covered at the elevation of the volcano itself, so there's dark ash and white water clouds emerging from other clouds. No images, as far as I've seen, are available of the current eruption on the ground. But the magnitude of the flooding as glacial ice melts is pretty amazing.

And OMG, hold the presses. I was trying to track down a BBC gallery I saw earlier, and found this article. I can't embed the video, but it appears that the concluding 20 seconds or so consists of black and white footage from an unmanned drone. If this is fer realz... well, picture me stunned. It seriously looks like an over-budget Hollywood blockbuster.

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