Monday, April 19, 2010


Humble admissions:
  1. I have not once actually typed the name "Eyjafjallajokul" by hand. I have cut and pasted it every time, including this sentence and in the caption below.
  2. I have no idea how that name is supposed to be pronounced. I have my mental pronunciation (which is wrong), but I have only twice tried to speak it aloud. Disastrously in both cases.
  3. I can't even hear how it's supposed to be pronounced. There are sounds in there that I can't perceive.
  4. Regarding the above three points, I don't care. This is still a riveting event to me, and I'm not likely to shut up about it any time soon.
  5. The idea for this LOL came from Miss Lyd, at Sober in a Nightclub. Her offhand comment cracked me up, and needed to be expressed graphically.
All that said, I can take some comfort that many in a more public setting than I are no better at hearing, spelling, or pronouncing the name...


Bob said...


I played that sound bite several times yesterday, trying to get the pronunciation... and all I was able to figure out is that Icelandic must be related to Gaelic, what with the letters not matching the sounds and all.


(CAPCHA = "ingslyc", which seems apropos to the subject)

Lockwood said...

Love the capcha. I first read it as "inglysc," mentally pronouncing it as "englysch." I got as much of a laugh out of that as I did Miss Lyd's comment.