Friday, April 23, 2010

12 Monkeys

I'm assuming the teabaggers are immune.

Let me back up.

Earlier this week I learned that for $250, Oregonians would be able to spend an hour with Sarah Palin. 72 lucky duckies willing to shell out $1000 would even be able to have their photos taken with her, and receive a free autographed copy of her book.
The former Alaska governor is slated to give a speech to an audience of 750 people who paid $250 apiece to attend the Lane County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner at the Hilton Eugene.

She’s also to take part in a sold-out private reception for 72 people who paid $1,000 each for a chance to mingle with the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, pose with her for a photograph, and walk out with an autographed copy of her book.

Those attending the less costly dinner or a $100-per-person viewing on closed-circuit television won’t have the opportunity to take a keepsake snapshot of Palin, let alone pose with her for a photo.

That’s because the Lane County Republican Central Committee is banning cameras, as well as recording equipment.
You Betcha.

Meanwhile, in other news, there is an outbreak in western Oregon of a bizarre air-borne fungal lung infection. The symptoms are similar to bacterial pneumonia, but rather than antibiotics, the appropriate treatment is anti-fungals. The mortality rate is about 25%, based on data gathered thus far (only 21 cases, so no need to panic).

Still... coincidence? You tell me. I'll be watching Palin's visits to other bastions of blue for further evidence pertaining to my suspicions.

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