Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Man, Oh Man, I am SO Buzzed

Well, Google Inc. has gone and added yet another pestiferous layer of something I didn't ask for onto its "services." Apparently, I'm now following every single person with a gmail address with whom I've ever had correspondence. Even though I already have a Google profile (yes, with a picture and everything), I have to create a Google Profile before I can sign into Buzz and do anything, you know, like decide which people I'm "following." Is this going to be forever? Is this real life? How do I turn this off? JAAAAANNNNE! Get me off this crazy thing!

Followup, 2:26 PM: Heh. Iran is also irritated and would like this noise to stop: "Iran to shut down Google email service."


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. It's so obnoxious how they assume you want every new thing they dream up. I signed up for an email account, for fuck's sake.

pygalgia said...

Another thing to ignore, as much as possible.

"gerityle" as the captcha...rather descriptive, I suppose.