Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Sunday Funnies

I've been kinda trying to push the politics out of my Sunday Funnies. I haven't been completely successful, partly because I haven't figured out an appealing way to deal with political humor separately. Also, most political comics aren't worth a stand-alone post. But another blogger I follow, Mule Breath at Mule Dung and Ash, has been taking the opposite tack: his Sunday Funnies (Today's compilation) are almost strictly political. Fair Warning: he is firmly centrist, and makes his choices with concern to the feelings of neither party. Part of the reason I'm trying to pull the politics out of my Sunday Funnies overall is that I know I'm biased, that feature is a big draw, and I'd prefer that someone biased differently than I could browse for the laughs and not be offended politically. Chances are though, that if you have a firm leaning either right or left, something Mule Breath has posted will offend you at least a little.

Still, if it makes you think, that's a good thing.


pygalgia said...

Maybe I'm weird, but I can enjoy humor that targets either side of an issue if it is...well...funny. I'm quite liberal, and I laugh at my fellow liberals more often than might be expected. Of course, given how absurd some of the right are, laughing at wingnuts is a daily activity.

Lockwood said...

I agree in that I can laugh at both sides. Oddly, I'm finding a lot of left-leaning humor these days less than funny, because the issues are so big. It's hard to laugh at things that scare the shit out of you. And a lot of right-leaning humor just isn't funny. But I think Mule Breath does an excellent job of finding actually funny editorial cartoons from across the spectrum.