Friday, February 26, 2010

The Coffee Party

Now this looks like a party I could get behind. I tend to be cautious about throwing my support behind things I don't know or understand very well, and the Coffee Party is just getting started. It's not extremist, but determinedly centrist. It's not anti-government, but seeks to pressure the government to do the job for which it was elected.

(more clips here) The sentiments expressed in the video are a good match with my own. And I think the thing that grabs my attention most is the fact that these people seem to have a grasp of reality.

And I think we need a reality-based party about now.

Followup: Pygalgia has also posted on this, and provides the party statement and some other links. As usual, he and I are more or less in agreement: "While I somehow doubt that logic can have an impact on our current political circus, I do wish that this could work."

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pygalgia said...

As I've read more of their site, I've concluded that, while I agree with the sentiment, the folks behind it are politically naive. They seem to have little understanding of process and procedures, but the goals are worthy.
I do doubt that they can generate the kind of sound and fury that the tea party people have.