Sunday, February 21, 2010


A friend just sent me a note saying that "Sarah Palin" can be rearranged to spell "a plain rash." Heh. So I found an online anagram generator to see what else might be spelled...
Piranhas La
Sharia Plan
Anal Parish
Saran Phial
A Hair Plans & A Hairs Plan
A Sharp Nail
Harp Is Anal
Ha Nail Raps
Ha Irans Pal & Iran Has Pal
Airs Plan Ha
Sap Ran Hail
Hair La Snap
Nail Rash Pa
Anal Rash Pi
Ash Rail Nap
Has Pail Ran
Has Air Plan
Ha A Plan Sir
Ran Lips Aha
A Rash La Nip
La Ran A Ship
Hi Pa A Snarl
Slap I Ran Ha
Ha Slap Iran
Rah As In Lap
These are some of my favorites of the six hundred and some results I got. Heh indeed. Her middle name is Louise if you're looking for something to do...


pygalgia said...

Have I told you that you are a somewhat sick individual?
And that I like that in a person?

Lockwood said...

Agree on both points! %)

A - 1984 said...

You missed 'A plain rash'

Lockwood said...

@A-1984- actually, that was what spurred this post; I mentioned in the first sentence.

A - 1984 said...

My bad, I meant to write 'LA rash pain' but wrote the other instead.