Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Does It Mean When Keith Richards Drools Out of Both Sides of His Mouth?

It means the stage is level.

My other favorite Stones joke is this: How would the lyrics have gone if The Rolling Stones were a Scottish Group?

"Hey, McCloud, get offa my ewe." (No offense to my Scottish readers, I'm just a sucker for puns. Replace "Scottish" with Australian, or Oregonian, if you like. I promise not to be offended.)

Now the reason I bring all this up is a nice bit of synchronicity that just happened. A few minutes ago I came across this picture and caption at Rolfarazzi, and set it aside for Sunday Funnies:
keith richards
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Then less than a minute later, I came across this article at The Guardian: "Can rock'n'roll exist with a sober Keith Richards?" Yes, fans, it's apparently true: Richards is into his fourth month of sobriety, and apparently is doing OK.

The gods of Rock'n'Roll work in mysterious ways. He may eventually need to be embalmed after all. (good on ya, Keith... fare well, and good luck)

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