Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Funnies

I doubt these will be the last funnies of the year, but they are the last Sunday Funnies of the last year of the miserable first decade of the new millennium. If I had had the foresight to be blogging ten years ago, I would have posted this picture to start the new year:
I need a button, four inches in diameter, with this picture. I'd wear it every single day. From Pygalgia

Strive for your dreams... via Epicponyz
It's such a relief when they play together nicely. Blackadder
Beautiful picture, hilarious caption... Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
Epic Win
Oddly Specific
Nedroid Comics
Never would have guessed... Criggo
engrish funny tissue used
see more Engrish. No thanks. I'll go use your alley.
Best. Name. Evar! Epic Win
Oh, how can you be in four places at one, when you're not anywhere at all? Oddly Specific

Only the freshest ingredients for this fine young cannibal. I Hate My Parents
Probably Bad News
Oh, man, that would've been so cool! Partially Clips
Via The Daily What
Oddly Specific
Cyanide and Happiness
Amazing Super Powers
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
Epic Win
Epic Win
I think all sex toys should be labeled, "Keep away from children." Probably Bad News
Ugliest Tattoos... the most horrifying of three in a post that's pretty horrifying, titled "Eye Don't See the Problem Here." I'm officially satisfied with two, even if they sometimes don't work all that well.
Regretsy... with the caption (which is what cracked me up), "I hate it when I fall asleep with gum in my mouth."
funny graphs and charts
see more Funny Graphs
Skull Swap
I never thought a dish called "soybean paste pot stew" might be my first choice... Engrish Funny.
Probably Bad News... perhaps if you stay at home and hide in the closet, they won't find you. Their title to this was pretty funny too, FYI.
Cyanide and Happiness
Via Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
From Ads of the World via The Daily What (Click the first link for the full-size picture: an absolutely awesome anaconda!)
Criggo- but was it the defendant or the litigant?
Probably Bad News... now I have to figure out where I can get refried dog food and refried cereal.
Engrish Funny(Epicponyz) Aaaannnd, one more Christmas picture to wind up this year's Sunday Funnies. Until next week and next year, I'll see you in the funnies. (Also, if you missed yesterday's bonus Christmas Funnies, there's the link)

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