Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas From Glenn Beck

Get it? Get it? Cause the religious emblem for Christian Christmas is white, the emblem for all those other religions must be brown! HaHaHaHa! Glenn Beck is just so clever!
Don't even think about sending your friends Christmas cards. Or Hanukkah cards. Or cards for any one of your other intolerant, hate-filled holidays. The only option this holiday season is RamaHanuKwanzMas cards. These cards come in boxes of 10 (with envelopes) and have the RamaHanuKwanzMas logo on the front. On the inside, they say "Best Wishes for a Non-Offensive Celebratory Event." Buy your box while supplies last.

I fart in your general direction, putz.

Holy Cow, here's this too. I went over to get the link, (both links to the same page) ended up looking around for a moment and found:
Have you ever driven by a hippie, environmental protest and had your beautiful gas guzzling SUV keyed?

Now you can protect your car by making it appear environmentally friendly with the Glenn Beck Hydro-Carbon Powered Eco-Vehicle bumper sticker. Look like a friend of the Earth while killing it at the same time!

Hydro Carbon just means oil, but with our clever recycle-shape inspired design, environmentalists and global warming zombies alike will take one look and think you’re on their side. Only we’ll know the truth behind it…you evil conservative hate monger!

And with this sticker 2-pack you get one for your car, and one to share with a friend.
Really? Now I'm not recommending vandalism, but it's kind of stupid to bring this to my (and others') attention. BTW, hydrocarbon is one word, and most of the people who worry about our overuse of the materials therein are familiar with it. You clever, clever protist.

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