Thursday, July 30, 2009

Much Better, Thanks

I forgot to nab the 2:00 stats, which is roughly the time I've grabbed them the last few days. But it really cooled down last night, and it was gusty from about 11:oo until I went to bed. Those combined to turn over the air in my apartment, and it was 71 when I woke up- much. much better than yesterday's 84. It has stayed breezy, and it's still much cooler today than an hour earlier yesterday. (Our dew point is still unreasonably high, by Corvallis standards, though.)
I do not think we're going to make it to 99 by 5:00, when the sun gets low enough that it starts to cool.

In other news, a couple of friends yesterday suggested freezing a wetted towel for Ozma (teh kitteh), who had spent enough of the previous evening panting that she had me worried. They said their cats loved laying on the wet cold towel. Ozma wanted nothing to do with it- nothing to the point it was actually kind of comical watching her try to avoid it, as I tried to convince her it might be kind of nice.

No, she wanted to be in my lap, even though both of us know that's uncomfortably hot for both of us. What I did discover though was that she loved being petted with the towel- it dampened her fur enough that she was much cooler. Belly and ears, nose to tail, she was just ecstatic.

Looks like we're out of the danger zone, and I know what to do for her next time it gets nasty. The smell of damp cat, while quite distinct, isn't that bad.

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