Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soylent Blonde at MPS

A couple of weeks ago, Mock, Paper, Scissors, one of my favorite political satire sites, announced a contest to rename Meghan McCain. A common response to the young McCain is that she appears to be sane, and appears to be willing to speak her mind. For liberals, that is noteworthy and worthy of respect; those characteristics are vanishingly rare amongst today's Republicans.

Her previous nickname had been "Butterball," which carried connotations of affection for Tengrain, but to many readers implied a anti-fat bias. Now I'll leave aside the discussion of whether she looks "fat" or "refreshingly healthy," except to say I come down firmly on the latter side. The fact is, Tengrain wanted to point to her as a Republican worthy of respect, rather than the standard-issue, worthy only of derision. Thus a community brainstorm to come up with a name that didn't hint at pre-judgement. Take a look at the call for ideas- there are some really good ones in the comments.

A couple days later, I was tickled silly to see that my suggestion had made it into the final three! And then last Sunday, Wowee Zowie! I won! And yesterday, my prize arrived:Thass right, dawgs, eat your heart out! I have a one-of-a-kind, autographed by the Master himself, New Math Equation Poster! Tengrain's explanation of this formula bears repeating verbatim:

"Grandpa Walnuts plus a lot of money (C-Word?), squared) minus (the bobble-headed and hate-filled twig figures of the GOP as exemplified by Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham) divided by the mysterious no one-knows-what-it-really-is Soylent Green equals our favorite GOP spokesmodel, the very curvey and pretty heiress and free-thinking Meghan McCain, AKA Soylent Blonde."

The poster is at a bit of an angle to minimize glare from the flash, but you can see a clearer image here.

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