Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Noise to Signal

One of my very early posts was on a web comic I've been reading regularly ever since, Noise to Signal. I was actually kind of thrilled to get an excited note from Mr. Cottingham asking me to remove his comic from my blog, or he would be forced to institute legal procedings forthwith... oh, no that was someone else. He seemed kind of pleased himself to be getting some linky love (and his material is posted under a Creative Commons license). At any rate, he's been on a real roll lately. Here's his two latest, and you should check out his past work. I'm not too into the whole social networking thing (blogging, e-mail, & RSS consume enough of my time and attention), so some of his jokes are not ones I get, but I suspect some of you will find many of his comics even funnier than I do. This actually happened to a friend of mine. From this post.If you like these two, and expecially if you're vegetarian/vegan, scroll back up and check out the post from last May; that one still cracks me up. Like some other web comics, the title of the comic is often a second punch line- so do pay attention. The above comic, for example, is called, "If you can't do the time, don't do the meme." Speaking of which, my own "10 Lies About Me" meme (which is much safer than the above, as it does not constitute self-incrimination) has sparked at least two subsequent infections in my friends Mr. Wayne and Viking.

And by the way, I have, so far, never been asked to remove anything from my blog, nor threated with dire consequences if I didn't. But I do think it's polite and wise to point out that if I ever do inadvertently violate copyright provisions, I'm likely to be pretty agreeable about removing the material in question. I also think it's polite and wise to provide sources for all material picked up elsewhere on the web. If I can. Sometimes I forget where I found stuff. So sue me.

Followup: ROFL! Just found this in the comments at the Noise to Signal site.

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