Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Just Glad It's Over

Well apparently, UO trounced OSU. Words cannot express the depths of my indifference.

And judging by the crowd around the bar at the other end of the block from my favorite coffee shop, (and the number of people carrying 18-packs and 30-packs, often in duplicate) the statement on a shirt I've seen around holds true: Win or Lose... We all Booze!

Yeah. No Kidding.


Dean Wormer said...

You don't get into the in-state rivalry?

My father was an engineer who attended OSU. I'm a history major who went to U of O. We used to have the best time ribbing each other during civil war week.

I know it's silly but there are a lot worse things we could be fighting over, no?

Lockwood said...

One, I don't enjoy sports. Two, I don't think they meaningfully represent anything about their host groups (Cities, schools, etc.). Three, particularly at the university level I think they represent an enormous drain of resources. Four, I resented both as a student and as an instructor the expectation that athletes were entitled to special treatment and consideration, when 90% of the time it was clear they simply weren't going to be bothered with the expected work. Five, of course there are worse things to be fighting over, but we shouldn't be fighting. When I witness a drunken group of frat boys weaving down the street screaming "Go home, you ducking f-cks!" as if that was the height of wittyness, it breaks my heart. Good-natured joshing is great, but too many people take it too seriously because our culture encourages them to.

Christopher Farrell said...

Drunken loud frat guys are the worst.