Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Visual Semiotics

Yesterday I pointed out that I found the poster in a NYT photograph... well, odd.
Driftglass has a great post that illustrates in a most excellent manner exactly why that poster sets me on edge.

And by the way, my comment on the crazed look in Hillary's eye should be taken as a criticism of the photo editor. If you take enough photos of anybody, you'll get a few that make that person look a little strange. The photographer takes the shots, the editor chooses which will be used. If that photo of Hillary makes you uneasy, it's because the editor wants you to feel that way.


JD said...

It's true. Emotional character assassination by the media is really the hallmark of modern electoral process. It's not about whether or not the candidate says they have a great health care plan, but if they have a funny look on their face or if they say "HIIIIIYAAAAAAH" at the wrong time. LEARN TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS AND DON'T WATCH CNN.

Anonymous said...

Today I saw a man walking down the street in a gorilla suit.
He didn't seem to be pulling a gag
Or doing it for laughs
He was just walking down the street in a gorilla suit.
Just trying to get where he was going.
A lot of people stopped and stared, some laughed
Some tried to ignore him.
At first it made me happy to see him, and I was glad
I like surreal things.
But then I felt sad, because sometimes
I feel like a man in a gorilla suit.
And everyone is laughing at me,
but I'm Just trying to get where I am going.