Monday, June 2, 2008

Hillary again

Bill (Interzone Bill, not her husband) just asked me if I thought Hillary had lost all credibility and her political future, along with her marbles. I think that with the exception of the most rabid Hillariites, maybe she has. Which is too bad, because I think she has real promse in whatever future postion she might end up in. Some are still talking VP, though my own belief is that the likelyhood of that is nil to none. I'd kind of like to see her as Secretary of Health and Human Services, or she could simply remain as a US Senator. But this monomanical fixation that she has won, or must win, some way, any way, that the rules don't apply in her situation, makes me very uncomfortable. It reminds me of BushCo, and that's bad.

The picture above (from an article in today's NYT) is creepy. The crazed look in her left eye, the grasping, hunched posture. Then the bizarre poster to her right, which reminds me both of the Worker Power posters of Lenin's Soviet Union, and the Japanese Rising Sun Flag. Yeesh!
Ironically, the headline of the article where this picture originated is "Winning Again, Clinton Ponders Continuing."

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