Saturday, August 6, 2016

Geo 883: Riddle Me This

In this photo from Sunset Bay State Park, north is to the right, west toward the top, and so on. Which direction is stratigraphic "up?" This should be a pretty easy question if you have any experience with geology, but as a hint, look carefully at the cross-beds in the lower right.

I mostly took this photo because it's purdy, but it will reward close inspection. This one has my foot and boot for scale, but the one I'll post tomorrow overlaps this one on the left, albeit without scale. More details then.

Photo unmodified. July 21, 2016. FlashEarth location.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for restart posting, I really missed that!

Hollis said...

East? (towards photo bottom), based on truncation? ... eek! out on a limb here, will there be an answer & explanation?

Lockwood said...

Correct, and yes, working on it right now. Kind of struggling, because *my* main motivation for shooting these two pictures was more about "Pretty!" rather than "Geology!"