Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Twitter Is Being An Asshole

What exactly I did that "appears to have exhibited automated behavior" is ever-so-helpfully unaddressed, but the real assholiness appears when I clicked the "Unlock my account button."
No e-mail option. In fact, NO other option than entering a phone number. Entering "I don't have a phone" doesn't work, because it has the "incorrect number of digits." Furthermore, if I DID have a phone, I most certainly would not be posting it online to some god-damned bot which appears to be exhibiting automated behavior. "We will not store your phone number." Oh, yeah, and there's that bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy some stock in. What a pain in the fracking butt.

Followup, 4:50 PM: I have been unlocked.


poikiloblastic said...

I sent Support a tweet before I saw they posted this: "We encountered an issue where some users were unable to Tweet and received a locked out notice. This issue is now resolved."

Lockwood said...

Thanks for noticing... I was terribly frustrated at the inexplicableness of the situation. And I still think that some sort of online option would be a good idea. I doubt I'm the only person in the world who chooses to not have a phone.