Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Geo 730: December 23, Day 722: A Final Shot

I have two very similar shots from this spot; the other is zoomed in more closely on the summit amphitheater and Crater Rock, showing more detail there. However, I like the framing of the trees more in this one. This was about as far up the path as we walked before turning around and heading back to the lodge.

Mount Hood is Oregon's tallest peak by quite a bit, at somewhere around 11,239 to 11,249 feet- recent measurements vary- and due to its proximity to, and visibility from, Portland, is probably the leading candidate for Oregon's "iconic" mountain. Crater Lake is likely more recognized, but this would be what most people picture with the phrase "Oregon Cascades." With that said, I'll reiterate that peaks like Hood, and yesterday's shot of Jefferson, are the exceptions rather than the rule for Cascades landscapes.

Photo unmodified. October 10, 2012. FlashEarth location.

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