Friday, November 7, 2014

Geo 730: November 7, Day 676: Murky Multnomah

It was here that the second consequence of a late, dry autumn made itself evident: the waterfalls were mere trickles. So both of the outstanding scenic qualities of the Columbia River Gorge, the vistas and the waterfalls, were at low ebbs. We parked in the central island of I-84, and walked over to Multnomah Falls for a couple quick photos, but we decided that this was not really a good day to spend in the gorge. Dana wanted to get a better look at Bridge of the Gods, which I was familiar with, but had not spent much time looking at in any detail. So we quickly set off with new plans.

Incidentally, you can get a sense of the size of the upper falls by looking near the bottom center of the photo, where there's a bridge with a couple of people sightseeing.

Photo unmodified. October 10, 2012. FlashEarth Location.

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