Friday, October 31, 2014

Have A Screaming Good Halloween!

Yes, I will always include All Souls Night in my Halloween posts. Because reasons.
Funny to Me
Darius Whiteplume
The Far Left Side
Little Harley Things
Darius Whiteplume
Partially Clips
Sober in a Nightclub
Blueberry Touches
A Zillion Dollar Comics
Surviving the World
 "A tailless whip scorpion with pink babies covering her back." @RealScientists
Aaron Davis, Facebook
Medium Large

Shriekback, Nemesis
Tastefully Offensive
Liz Climo
Heavy Grinder, Facebook
Expert Heavy Equipment, Facebook
Tastefully Offensive
Medium Large
Two of six "Unwanted Halloween Candies," From Medium Large
Ranker: "31 Terrifying GIFs That Will Keep You Up All Night" This is #3, and IMO, the best one.
Jim Benton
I Hate My Parents
"Cårven der Pümpkin" Blackadder
#3 from "Skulls and Bones," at In Focus (21 Photos).
Tastefully Offensive
Matt Roller

"Wednesday and Lurch Dancing to Megadeth"
Sober in a Nightclub

The Classic Halloween Song. It's probably lip-synched, but still, fun! I'd never seen a "live" version before. And below is a very funny updated version featuring more recent movie "monsters."

Modern Monster Mash - Key of Awesome #91
 This couldn't be more appropriately scary for today. Via @marksluckie
Toles, Via @soxfaneast
"This goat has seen The Exorcist too many times." Senor Gif
Shoebox Blog
Sober in a Nightclub

I always feel as if I haven't found enough really creepy bits, so if I come across any more this weekend, I'll update this post.

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