Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturd80's: Here Comes the Rain Again Edition

Summers in Western Oregon are glorious: seemingly endless clear, sunny days, and nice cool nights. This summer, though, was trying. By all accounts, it was the hottest summer on record- we had no days I recall that broke 100 degrees, but it was just consistently hot. We get very little rain from early July to (generally) sometime in September to early October, but even on that count, we set a new record for dryness. Now I enjoy all kinds of weather, but I want change fairly regularly. A week ago today, it was 89 or 90, then it cooled Sunday and Monday.

Then Tuesday night it poured.

To say I was ecstatic would be the understatement of the season. I spent an obscene amount of time Tuesday watching the radar, tracking the incoming storm. Here's a Tweet I posted that afternoon. And when I opened that link, it reminded me of a couple of other Eurythmics songs I don't think I've posted before.

Who's That Girl

Love is a Stranger

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