Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturd80's: Aerosmith Edition

I was thinking about doing an Aerosmith Edition a couple weeks ago, then when Saturday rolled around, I couldn't remember the group. Interzone Nickelle bought a vinyl version of this first album and reminded me of it just a few minutes ago. Toys In The Attic:

I've owned various copies of both the previous album and "Rocks," on which the lead song is Back In The Saddle:

This one *just* squeaks into the 80's; it was released November 8, 1989. This may well be my favorite song by this group, partly because of the power of the lyrics, partly because of the music, and partly because of how perfectly they go together. Janie's Got a Gun:

...and maybe partly because I love the parody version, "Cheney's Got a Gun."

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