Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Geo 730: June 10, Day 526: Order and Chaos

Here we have a clearer look at the rockfall, though the truck ahead is still blocking the base from view. An excavator is clearing up some of the debris pile on the far right, and I suspect it later worked to the left to remove some of the rubble in that area. It would make sense to try to take this down to more or less bare bedrock, so rain wouldn't wash more muck out onto the road. Above the front-end loader near the middle, you can get a pretty good sense of the stratigraphy here. It seems to me to be less rhythmic than our earlier stop, and again, there are some strata that look to be quite organic-rich. Drive-by geology is often less than satisfying, but with a camera and a good regional understanding, one can garner a surprising amount of information in a mere 30 seconds.

Photo unmodified. March 9, 2012. FlashEarth location (Fairly confident about this one, but not certain).

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