Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturd80's: Miscellaneous Reminders Edition

I was reminded of several 80's favorites in a series of unrelated instances this week, so in no particular order, Laurie Anderson, The Big Top (The video portion of this pretty and amusing bit of music is sort of painful for me to watch; I'd recommend scrolling past and just follow along with the lyrics below):

When Buckminster Fuller came to Canada, he kept asking the same question:
“Have you ever really considered how much your buildings actually weigh?”
The Canadians took this very seriously. "We never thought of it that way!"
He showed them plans for domed cities, cities with no basements, no foundations.
Cities that could be moved in a minute.
Portable cities.
Portable towns.

He said:
Think of it as camping out.
He said:
Think of it as one big tent.
He said:
Think of it as
The Big Top ...
spinning ...
lightweight ...

He said: Think of it as
The Big Top.
Spinning ...
Lightweight ...
Flyaway ...

He said:
Think of it as the
Big Top.

The Stranglers, Vladamir and the Beast (very odd and VERY funny ending!):

Yaz, In My Room (Alison Moyet has the most incredible voice, especially haunting in this song):

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