Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Geo 730: Feb. 25, Day 421: Guano Valley Fans

Looking to the north of Route 140, on the eastern scarp of Guano Valley, we see a pair of small alluvial fans. The rock looks like basalt from a distance, and in most cases wouldn't hesitate to identify it as such based on the photo. However, the outcrops I've looked at leave me a little confused, and I'm honestly not sure what kind of rock it is. We'll get to the main one I stop at soon...

Photo unmodified. August 19, 2011. FlashEarth Location (approximate).

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Dougo said...

Man, you're taking me back to some of my favorite places in Oregon lately. Warner Valley and Guano Valley among them. Climbing Beaty Butte is on my bucket list.