Friday, December 27, 2013

Geo 365: Dec. 27, Day 361: Natural Bridges Cove

A poorly signed pull-out in Samuel Boardman State Park, Natural Bridges Cove is high on my list of "most scenic spots" in Oregon. My stand-by reference for this stretch of coast (PDF) doesn't specify what rock unit is on display here (I'd guess Otter Point Formation given location and general look, but I'd just be guessing), but really, does it matter? There's something elvish, magical and serene about this view, even as it reflects the violence of coastal erosion here in the PNW.

Photo run through's autolevel routine to improve contrast and saturation. May 8, 2013. FlashEarth location uncertain, but it looks about right. As noted, there's no sign along the road to warn you this pullout is coming up, but it's a mile or two south of Arch Rock. From the parking area, take the path southward.


Cujo359 said...

Beautiful spot. Might be a little tricky at high tides, if the water gets close to the top of that arch. Maybe that's why the sign's not so good?

Lockwood said...

The issue is there's no sign along the road to tell you which pull-out you need to pull out at. There *is* a sign telling you where you are near the parking area, but you don't see it if you aren't already stopped. This was a spot that I had "lost" for about 15-20 years, meaning even if I was watching for it, I couldn't find it. It was only on this trip last spring that I was able to find it again.

And I doubt that even at the very highest tide plus storm surge, the tops of those arches are anywhere close to the water line. You can get a general sense of mean high tide from the lighter line on the farther rock to the left.