Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Funnies: Half Off Edition

Guinea Something Good
Cyanide and Happiness
"Fun prank if you want out of a relationship." Funny to Me
There, I Fixed It
"Things With Faces," a few of quite a large collection at Tastefully Offensive.
Dr. Boli
Toles, via Balloon Juice
"Grading short essay responses" What Should We Call Grad School?
Funny to Me
Very Demotivational
Poorly Drawn Lines
Bits and Pieces
Sober in a Nightclub
Funny to Me
One of a few in a collection of "Bald men with water wigs." Tastefully Offensive
Doghouse Diaries
Tastefully Offensive
"Charlie Bronson Brown" Bits and Pieces
Sober in a Nightclub
The Far Left Side
Angry Mop is Angry. Funny to Me
Berkley Mews
Senor Gif
Tom Tomorrow, via Matt Bors
"Impressive, most impressive … but I find the lack of Storm Troopers disturbing." My Wanton Self
Savage Chickens
"My inbox after not working over the weekend." What Should We Call Grad School?
Derpy Cats
Tastefully Offensive
Bizarro- and heads-up: the other cartoon on this post is awfully funny, too.

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