Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Geo 365: July 9, Day 190: Looking NW From Dee Wright Volcano Observatory

Another large panorama (9354 x 1895) from the trip Saturday with Dana Hunter, Anne Jefferson and Chris Rowan, this time looking roughly north (right) to west from Dee Wright Volcano Observatory. (right click on photo here for size options) This sequence of photos actually continues all the way to the east; Mt Washington actually is about the middle of the sequence. Sadly, despite quite a number of attempts, Hugin can't seem to manage actually saving a file that large. The preview looks excellent, the stitching process appears to proceed normally, as does the save. But the final file is utterly corrupt. I'll post the other half tomorrow. Below is a somewhat smaller version of the above with a number of the peaks and a couple kipukas labeled. (size options)
Top photo stitched in Hugin, otherwise unmodified. July 6, 2013. FlashEarth location.


Morejello said...

Ha! I travelled through Oregon to the coast last week and due to a fortunate mistake ended up at this observatory with my wife instead of driving around to the north. We thought it was pretty amazing.

Lockwood said...

It really is a beautiful and amazing spot. For some people, I've found they think it's too stark, lifeless, and rugged to appreciate. Those people aren't geologists.