Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Geo 365: June 4, Day 155: Broken Glass

A view of the margin of the path atop the Big Obsidian Flow at Newberry Volcano National Monument. Scale is not terribly obvious, but the path width is generally about a meter.

Hiatus warning: I've been experiencing symptoms of a urinary tract infection for twelve (Week ago Thurs.) days now. A week ago Sunday, they suddenly improved after an exceptionally bloody urination; I thought I'd passed a very small stone. For several days the symptoms seemed to be in remission. They've gotten worse again, though not as bad as over the previous weekend. However, the last couple of days I've felt feverish and foggy, my appetite is a total loss- I hate having to force food down when I don't want it- and I've been sleeping very poorly, spending hours hovering right near the edge of unconsciousness, but not quite getting there. So after a cup of coffee, and some quick reading, I'll be begging a ride to the ER. Hopefully, it ends up being a shot and prescribed antibiotics, but this thing has gotten too out of hand to simply hope it goes away any longer. Long and short, there may be a hiatus of a day or two, but it'll be pretty easy to catch up if that's the case. And hopefully I'll be lucid enough to say something beyond, "Hey, look! Broken Glass!"

Photo unmodified. August 21, 2011. FlashEarth location.


Anonymous said...

Fairly new follower here -- I hope you're well soon! I have been quite enjoying your posts.


Anonymous said...

I hope its nothing seious too. Please keep us informed and if there is anything we can do to help, please ask. GET WELL SOON AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.