Saturday, May 11, 2013

Geo 365: May 11, Day 131: May 10 Teasers

We had hoped to get a good view of the Cascade Crest from the summit parking lot at Marys Peak, but we've already had a month of summery weather with little rain. Additionally, the humidity was headed up; as a result, the haze was nearly as bad as during our visit last summer. I could make out Hood and, barely, Jefferson, but photos were right out. So yesterday ended up being more bio than geo, but still, a good day.
Sphereoidal weathering in the Marys Peak Sill, a bit above Parker Creek Falls. We saw only one other vehicle on the road up the mountain yesterday, and it was headed to the top as we headed down. It was a good day for pulling off in areas with a narrow berm- places I've walked out, but rarely had the chance to stop with others.
The view from the summit parking area (which is about 500 feet below the actual summit). Philomath lies at the mouth of the valley that runs from lower right toward the middle, and Corvallis is roughly behind the taller of the two trees to the left.
A lilly in the meadow near the parking lot. At ~3700 feet, there was still snow standing in sheltered, mostly shaded areas, and the grasses were still pressed and felted flat. This is likely the equivalent of mid-March in terms of seasons up here.
A bird that is not uncommon to see in streams in western Oregon, but is rarely cooperative in terms of being photographed, a water ouzel, or American dipper. This guy was hanging out along a stretch of stream at Alsea Falls, and while he moved around quite a bit, he wasn't leaving that stretch at all. I watched him for half an hour or more, mesmerized. Dana got some really nice video clips of his bobbing and feeding.

Photos unmodified. May 10, 2013. Locations will be specified when I post on these spots in more detail.

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