Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturd80's: Suburban Lawns Edition

With only one album (and a couple singles), this is an obscure group, but nevertheless, a lot of fun. Flavor Crystals:

"Janitor" was their "big hit," so to speak. I really didn't "get" the chorus at the time, though I liked the verses. It turns out the chorus was a bit of an inside joke: from Wikipedia,
According to Smith, the two were conversing in a loud room when they first met:
She asked me what I did for a living. I said "I'm a janitor," and she thought I said "Oh my genitals." [Richard Whitney] overheard this and wrote the song.

(There's also a very fun live version here (with lyrics overprinted); I finally chose the above because I just love its retro look.)

Finally, this basically ties with Flavor Crystals- I love the lyrics (though repetitive, I find them hilarious)- as my favorite SL song: Mom and Dad and God.

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