Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturd80's: Shriekback

Haven't done one of these for a while, but recently something reminded me of "Nemesis," which I love. My take has always been that it satirizes "evil," rather than glorifying it, but your mileage may vary.
All of these are from the 1985 album, "Oil & Gold." "Everything that Rises Must Converge:"


And to finish off, the quiet and contemplative "This Big Hush:"


Professor Chaos said...

Love Shriekback! I don't know whether Nemesis is "satirizing evil" or what, but it gives me chills.

Lockwood said...

Me too. I won a copy of "Oil and Gold" in a contest from our student radio station soon after it was released. It's not an album I would have purchased, but it soon became a favorite. And, yes, Nemesis is very creepy; I love that in a song. "But you know evil is an exact science, being carefully, correctly wrong." is one of my all-time favorite lines, and part of the reason I think the song is intended in a tongue-in-cheek manner.