Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Posts of 2012

There are a number of year's end memes that go around each year, but rather than playing any of those, I'm just going to put up a list with links to my posts of the previous year which I most enjoyed writing, and which give me the most pleasure to go back and read. With the exception of the 6/15 and 12/26 posts, and, arguably (though not persuasively as far as I'm concerned), the 6/9 post, every one of these has a strong geology focus. Gee, hooda thunk it?

Given the increasing difficulty of my previous computer dealing with increasingly unstable updates to Firefox-even though it still does fine with everything else besides Firefox- I didn't even put up my first post until April. With the arrival of a new computer in the late summer, blogging became practical again. In addition, visits from Padawan Dana in March, July and October have provided diverse fodder for writing and photos. Of 16 selected posts, half of them are results of my geogalavanting about Oregon with her.

Happy New Year, all! And may the new year bring you much joyous geogalavanting!

4/12: March 2012 Coastal GeoGalavant, Part I
4/21: March 2012 Coastal GeoGalavant, Part II
5/31: AW #46: Geology, Life and Civilization- Chaotic Feedback
6/9: Twice in a Lifetime
6/15: How the Internet Works
7/26: Quartzville Road Log
9/6: The Little Robot That Could... Visits Miranda!
10/5: Vegetation Gradient
10/13: Geogalavanting Around Oregon with Dana
10/14: Geogalavanting Around Oregon with Dana Part II
10/15: Geology at Oregon State University (And do click through on the links to see all of Dana's glorious photos! Links were added later, so you may have missed those.)
10/21: Cheshire Cat! The Whole Story
11/28: AW #52: Geology Dream Course
12/13: #ObscureGeoHazards
12/20: Bring on the Geopocalypse: Accretionary Wedge #53
12/26: Bif's Best Christmas EVAR!

Runners up: This series was tedious to plow through, but I was happy with the outcome. A reconstruction of my presentation for the Oregon Master Naturalists program in September.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

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