Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturd80's: Comfortably Numb Edition

A classic. I bought a vinyl copy of The Wall on the day it was released, November 30, 1979. Oddly, I really didn't care much for it for a couple years. There were a couple of songs I liked (this and "Goodbye, Blue Sky" stand out in my mind), but overall, I was disappointed. It took many listens, but eventually, it won me over (Most of those listens were played by friends- it wasn't an album I'd have chosen to slap on the platter.) Today, though, I came across a fun variation of this song, so I wanted to post the original version to refresh memories and provide a clear contrast.
Now here's the same song done as a Gregorian Chant:

Well, I thought it was a fun contrast...

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