Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And Summer Gave Autumn a Pass, And Went Straight On Into Winter

...and there was much rejoicing. I know that's not the actual quote, but it amuses me, because it's true.

Two weeks ago today, this was the scene at Timberline on Mount Hood:
(My photo, from visit with Dana, 2 weeks ago, and not too much earlier in the afternoon) Here's the scene today, from a webcam:
Notice the change? It's subtle... keep looking!

Here's the scene two weeks ago yesterday, looking over McKenzie Junction:
In the one above, you can see the colors of the maples are very autumnal, but the air temperature was very summery... I suspect upper 60's.
And in this one, the fiery maples remind you the rocks they're sitting on were even more fiery a mere thousand years ago or so.

Some miles back to the west is Tombstone Pass- the crest of the Western Cascades. Here's what it looked like a few minutes ago...
And a few miles to the east is Santiam Junction...
And still further east toward Sisters is Santiam Pass:
I've heard very few complaints so far. The fires on the east side are out, the air smells fresh and full of life, temperatures are definitely cool- I went around the apt last night and closed the windows to a couple inches, and I'll probably close them completely within a week or two. My biggest dislike of winter is the lack of fresh air indoors, but oh well.

But the rapidity and thoroughness of the seasonal transition this past couple of weeks has been astonishing.

And there was much rejoicing...

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