Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Better Pagan Holiday than Even Christmas

Today's EPOD

I am currently wearing a pretty floral bonnet, thanks to a couple of IZ friends, one of whom actually sewed it, and the other who has applied pressure over the last couple of days, saying this is just too  good of an idea to *not* make it happen. Bill took a few photos earlier, but I have to download those to my old computer, then transfer them by thumb drive to this one- my camera and this computer aren't on speaking terms. The following are some fun bits I've come across in recent days... enjoy!
 Julia Segal
Hair-Raising Hare
Electronic Cerebrectomy- several more pics at the link.
Cake Wrecks- yes that's a cake, and there are many more at the link.
Dracula Flatt and Frankie Scruggs, from Bits and Pieces
Via @tjnance
Via @badbanana: "Too fun not to share. My daughter in her homemade Dr. Who TARDIS costume. The headband lights up. Also: stay away from her, nerds."
 Fake Science
Senor Gif

Magma Cum Laude finds a folded outcrop of evil rocks.

Dr. Skyskull explains how, when you die, a certain portion of your body will become zombie-like. And I haven't found a good sample of creepy stuff, so I recommend reading more of that blog here.
Sofa Pizza
Bits and Pieces
Pleated Jeans- this is the first of six Horror Movies for Pets, and may not even be the best by your taste. If you're a pet lover, click over for the other five.

And now is the time on Sprockets when we dance...

I don't think I'm capable of letting a Halloween pass without a version of All Soul's Night:
And I don't think I've ever actually posted this one before, though for the life of me I can't think why.
Have a fun evening, everyone!

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