Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Twitter Assistance for Bachmann

Today's big Twitter meme is , and it happens to fall at a time when it seems the snark is strong with this one. Here are my suggestions to help Michelle get her minty cylon frying circuits up and running:
  • We've never had a tax attorney for president. Isn't it about time we did?
  • I'm on a boat! I'm president of the world!
  • Ohhhh, I'm an idiot and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I talk all day
  • Insert vapid slogan here
  • Please disregard previous slogan. Through miscommunication, it was thought to be finished, and released prematurely
  • Rabies: It's what's for president!
  • She may be a raving crazy IDiot, but she's YOUR raving crazy IDiot!
  • Because we all know 8 years of disinterested, impulsive, ignorant, arrogant and inhumane leadership wasn't enough.
  • All four Wizard of Oz folks in one: A lost little girl with no heart, no brains, and no courage.
  • In your heart you know "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" can come true. (reference to a too poorly known Poe short story)
  • She knows what Real America looks like. She saw it out the window when she flew to Washington. And she will again.
  • Because she recognized the word "constitution" once.
  • We hate brown and poor people way more than any of those other guys.
  • Colder than a Minnesota winter, buggier than a Minnesota Summer
  • Our campaign bus is the short one.
  • Nature may abhor a vacuum, but the GOP abhors nature.
  • Because "Lune" is French, but "Loon" is Minnesotan.
  • Because the voices in your head said "Vote Bachmann in 2012"
And a great one from : "All four horsemen in one folksy package."

Also, I forgot to note who tweeted this, so I can't give credit (anyone want to fess up?), but for the GOP debate last night, someone said "How about this for a GOP debate drinking game: if any of these fuckers win next fall, spend the next four years drinking."


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