Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Third Blogoversary Edition

Yes, today marks the beginning of my fourth year of blogging. I could never have anticipated exactly how accurate my blog description/subtitle in the header would turn out to be.Savage Chickens
The Bible Belt Totally Looks Like Percentage of Uneducated People
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What Would Jack Do?
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Okay, I've visualized world peas. Now what? Sober in a Nightclub
Swans On Tea... Ah. I knew there had to be an explanation.
Skull Swap
Bits and Pieces
funny pictures - Happy Chair is Happy: Bill Haley's Inspiration
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Non Sequitur
Sober in a Nightclub
I Hate My Parents
demotivational posters - SUDDENLY
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What Would Jack Do?
Wil Wheaton's Tumblr
Bits and Pieces
Questionable Content. This is, in fact, exactly what we do with hipsters who move to Oregon.
Surviving the World
Balloon Juice
4koma comic strip - One Million Dollars!
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Sober in a Nightclub
Sofa Pizza
epic4chan: Marketing for Jayzus, satisfaction garonteed!
Stephen Harper Totally Looks Like Lego Man Haircut
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EpicPonyz... so according to this, I'm somewhere between crazy and wise. I hope that's not news to anyone.
epic4chan... Stop plate tectonics! With duct tape!


intelliwench said...

Happy blogiversary - and many, many more. Found you via Phydeaux. Today's funnies are all excellent - you perform a valuable service, sir!

splord said...

And a highly enjoyable Anniversary Edition it was!

Happy one!

Tom said...

Happy blogoversary!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 4 years Lockwood!

I really laughed at the "ninja role call" in this weeks funnies.

Phil said...

Happy Blogiversary !

Now, get busy and start posting again.


Lockwood said...

Thanks, all! I appreciate the kind words!