Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Kind of Like Davros Edition

political pictures - barack obama - Kind of Like Davros
see more Political Pictures. This, without a doubt, was the funny that I found funniest this week. I've been walking around Interzone and my neighborhood with my hands at sternum level, and a serious, determined look of fortitude on my face, driving my invisible motorized lectern.
Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
The Daily What
Skull Swap
epic4chan: "Bin Laden never had a chance."
Skull Swap
Sober in a Nightclub. I would venture that teachers' lack of saying this, and students' lack of *ahem* understanding it, is a large contributor to our so-called "crisis" in education.
political pictures - sarah palin - Burial at Sea
see more Political Pictures
Funny Pictures - Cat Tails: An Interpretive Guide
see more Lolcats and funny pictures. Actually, that one on the right in the middle line is best interpreted as TGIF (Thank God! It's FOOD!). But that's a common misunderstanding among the cat-owned.
funny pictures - Richard couldn't afford a bagpipe,  but that  didn't stop a man with a  dream.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Abstruse Goose
Bits and Pieces. You know that feeling when you have to sneeze, but you can't get the launch sequence initiated? Yeah, I hate that feeling.
I don't need to; you keep dropping them all over the place. God Hates Protestors
funny graphs - I Like Both Those Things!
see more Funny Graphs
Rock beats scissors AND iPhones, from Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr.
What Would Jack Do? No caption needed, but I just had an idea for how to use this again tomorrow. BTW, Jack's title on this post was, "Wife #3 is a Borg. You WILL be assimilated...."
funny celebrity pictures - I'd have paid to see that.
see more Lol Celebs
funny celebrity pictures - THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS
see more Lol Celebs
funny puns - If Life Gives You Melons...
see more So Much Pun. Or a woman. Just sayin'.
Pants are Overrated; see also part 1, which is every bit as funny and much sweeter.
Calamities of Nature
Sofa Pizza
Dark Roasted Blend
epic4chan It's that time of year again, when seasonal allergies cause teh kittehs to shift from their winter to summer colorations.
funny puns - And It's Also Not Constantinople
see more So Much Pun
Just an Earth-Bound Misfit
What Would Jack Do?
God Hates Protestors
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Paul Krugman's Blog
funny celebrity pictures - The strippers frighten easily...
see more Lol Celebs... "Women: Just like Sand People." Hell, that get-up frightens me!

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