Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wait... What?

(The Daily What) I had to read this one twice to catch the gag. Once while working in the forest soils lab, I spilled some lab grade (37% -home use formula is 2%) hydrogen peroxide on my wrist- I hadn't properly pulled my glove up. Within seconds, I was rinsing it off, so there was no serious damage, but even those few seconds was enough to bleach my skin utterly white. And there's nothing like having a white blotch an inch or so across on your wrist for a couple of weeks to convince one's self that Caucasian people aren't actually white. Also, to be convinced that if you read or are warned a particular reagent is much more dangerous than you might think, it's a good idea to simply accept it, and not to test the claim empirically.


Professor Chaos said...

So is hydrogen peroxide H2O2? Cuz if it is, that's a damn good pun. Even if you have to be a chemist to get it.

Lockwood said...

I guess I didn't make that clear: yes, hydrogen peroxide is H2O2.