Saturday, March 5, 2011


The Ramones, The KKK Took My Baby Away:

I think I've posted this one before, but I like it. Fad Gadget, Collapsing New People:

And a hat tip to Tengrain, who reminded me of this one yesterday: Freur, Doot Doot:


Professor Chaos said...

Saturd80's? What a great idea!

Lockwood said...

Glad you like it! I listen to a lot of different music, but I really got started making my own choices when I came to Oregon in early 1980, so I'm kind of nostalgic for the music of that era. I also have a lot of college age friends now who sometimes enjoy stuff they haven't heard before. Everyone knows the "classic rock" standards, but a lot of the 80's seems to be an overlooked gold mine. If you click on the Saturd80's label either at the bottom of the post or in the sidebar, there have now been 68 editions of this exercise in self-pandering.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I turned a young woman on to Laurie Anderson- who is definitely an acquired taste- and I'm still unabashedly proud of myself for it.

Tengrain said...

Lockwood -

Thanks for the shout-out! The 80s still speaks to me in so many ways, it isn't all just big hair and synthesizers.

I love Laurie Anderson still. It's funny how it's taken so many years for the rest of the world to catch up to her avant guard. Everytime she comes to Berkeley I make a point of seeing her.



Lockwood said...

@Tengrain: ...not that there's anything wrong with big hair and synthesizers! I saw Ms. Anderson in Portland, about '88, I think. The first song of hers I heard was Oh Superman on KBVR, OSU's college station, and I hated it. Then they started playing Big Science, and I was hooked. Bought United States parts I-IV, and became a devoted fan. Haven't felt as strongly about much of her recent work, but she still has it.

Oddly, the trivia tidbit that seems to get my young friends' ears to perk up is when I tell them she's married to Lou Reed, as if, somehow, that establishes her musical credentials.

Tengrain said...

Little-known fact: for years and years, I sampled the telephone sequence from "Oh Superman" to be the greeting on my phone's answering machine.

It made my parents go non-linear. Virtually all of their messages began with, "Will you please erase that thing and make a normal greeting?!"