Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Is Pretty

In pictures, and on the other side of windows. But dealing with it in person isn't my thing, at least these days.From NASA's Earth Observatory, I'm powerfully glad I don't live in Minnesota. It's a beautiful state, and jokes about mosquitoes not withstanding, I've enjoyed camping there during several summers. I think the most enjoyable professional conference I've ever attended was on the philosophy and nature of science in early 1996 (not positive about the year, but about). I wish I could explore the geology of the state more thoroughly. HOWEVER... there are about four to six months of the year I'm really happy to be elsewhere. The following video clip has been all over the place the last couple of days; you're not even safe inside!

Meanwhile, here in my little cowtown, which is farther north than Toronto, Ontario, we hit a high of 60F yesterday, and it has been about 52 hours since our temperature has fallen below 50. So, yeah. I think I'll stay.

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