Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Bother?

Because I'm curious, I guess is the answer. This poll is up for the next couple of days at The Guardian, and while there was no doubt in my mind what the verdict would be, I wanted to see how lopsided it was. I'm sure at some point, Faux News has posted a poll question along the lines of "Is Obama a socialist?" The outcome there would be in no doubt to me either, but again, I'd be curious to see what the ratio was.
The point is, these sorts of things are quite meaningless. I saw and took this poll because my political leanings are more in line with The Guardian's than with Faux's, and their poll which I didn't see and take part in. It's OK if they pique your curiosity, but don't take them seriously. Oh, yeah: I voted "no" to see the results. But you knew that.

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